About us:

Our staff brings years of panelized erection experience, from all parts of the world, with a lineage of "Green" firsts, always multiunitchallenging for a better and more sustainable product line. SuperSHELL Homes Corporation has an amazing design team that will work with you every step of the way, to design a home to your exact specifications, and ensure a smoother build.

SuperSHELL Homes Corporation has focused unique partnerships that help to lay the groundwork for best building practices based on Canadian and International building sciences.

“We have combined our skills in sales, marketing and years of research and development into best practices in the construction industry.  We focus on affordability, simplicity and quick erections of residential, light industrial and commercial structures, incorporating local skills, training, and employment opportunities wherever we build".

With the ever-increasing demands of the new Building Codes such as the Ontario Building Code, energy efficiency and affordability are key to ‘next generation builders’ in their efforts to meet consumer demands for sustainable, healthy, affordable and energy efficient structures.

"Stronger, healthier, mould and fire resistant, energy efficient and affordable living conditions.”

“Our products have been successfully implemented by Habitat for Humanity in constructing Habitat’s first LEED Platinum home, and in Canada’s most energy efficient low-rise in Saugeen First Nation. As well as an up-coming Mike Holmes episode.  The SuperSHELL products are now being introduced directly to Builders in the residential building marketplace, as our demand for sustainable housing is ever increasing to the general consumer,” said Mr. MacLean.

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