What makes SuperSHELL so 'Super"?
Simply said, a SuperSHELL Home is the starting point to an affordable super-efficient home, by allowing for double the insulation of typical new homes, therefore making it easier to keep heat in and cold out. 

Is a Panelized home a modular or mobile home?
A panelized home is neither. A panelized stick framed home is done the exact way a standard site built home would be. The only difference is that your framers are not scratching their heads, measuring and cutting and building the wall sections on the ground. This is all done accurately in a factory and will be delivered to site for quick erection. SuperSHELL homes can be erected at any time of the year

Can SuperSHELL build to my specific plans?
Yes.  SuperSHELL will build to any of your specific drawings or plans.  We also have the ability to adjust our plans to incorporate any mechanical systems, or design changes that you may have that differ from our model homes, or your design plans.

I have my building plans. How do I go about getting a quote from SuperSHELL?
Simply go to “Contact Us” page, and fill in the required information.  Our sales team will call you within 48 hours to arrange for all information, along with the plans to be sent to our design department.  We will work with the provided information to build you and accurate quote for your specific design.

What is the difference between ICF and the SuperSHELL wall system?
Most ICF walls can be constructed for $11-15 dollars a square foot depending on the home design and will give an R value in the mid- twenties, and if the home is relatively tight should easily hit Energuide 80. In comparison a SuperSTUD thermally broken deep cavity stud wall or panel will install for $9-12 dollars a square foot and give an R value of 44+, with the same air tightness as ICF the SuperSTUD wall system will hit Energuide 85+ . This is in the range of 2017 Net zero (ready) housing targets. A SuperSHELL wall system will go up in half the time as ICF, which helps the trades people start working inside the shell quicker, saving you days of added labor and carrying charges.  SuperSHELL homes are very easy to erect.  Someone with very little building knowledge can construct our system with ease.

How easy are SuperSHELL panelized homes to construct?
SuperSHELL Home building products are so easy to assemble and integrate into any building system/design that someone with minimal building knowledge could construct it themselves.  Our knowledgeable staff will be available to answer any questions you or your builder may have throughout the construction stage.

I am a contractor, and behind schedule.  Will SuperSHELL be able to meet my building deadlines?
SuperSHELL products are designed to be quickly and easily erected.  The faster SuperSHELL Homes is engaged, the faster we can help you meet your building deadlines.   Our products and methods are designed to allow for year round construction, therefore extending your 'build' season and ensuring a satisfied customer(s).

What are some of the health benefits to building a SuperSHELL home?
SuperSHELL Homes are designed to ensure a healthy indoor living environment. A properly built SuperSHELL home will prevent mould growth and contribute towards fire resistance. We take into consideration all health issues and will even recommend finishing products (ie. paints) to ensure comfort and health of environmentally hypersensitive occupants.   With the installation of a properly, fully ducted, balanced HRV system; rest assured your home will maintain healthy indoor air quality.

What warranty does SuperSHELL provide with their products?
SuperSHELL is so confident in our products that we offer a 15 year limited warranty.  This surpasses warranty packages typically offered to new home builders/owners.

Will the SuperSHELL system perform as effectively in hot regions as well as cold regions?
YES!  SuperSHELL is a building envelope that will keep heat out and cold OUTSIDE and provide a stable, comfortable indoor living environment.  In fact, when constructed according to geographic location specifications, an air conditioning unit will only provide higher energy bills...since the temperature will remain at its' set comfort temperature.   


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