Supershell Foundation systems:

foundations1Panelized Next Generation P.W.F. Basements/Foundations:

  1. SuperSHELL wood foundation kits are proven to excel in our cold Canadian winter climate.
  2. Designed to be insulated with R Values from R-22 to R-30+
  3. Installs can be performed year-round on a prepped site.
  4. Slab-on-grade, crawlspace, or basement applications.
  5. Sub-soil radon gas ventilation.

Foundation kits- SuperSHELL can outfit your SuperSHELL home with a foundation system that meets next generation Energy Targets. SuperSHELL uses either Preserved Wood Foundations or ICF Foundations. Our materials kits are pre-paneled, and very easy to install. PWF paneled foundations can be erected almost all year round on a prepped site, extending your building season.

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