What is a SuperSHELL home? 

superstudThe SuperSTUD
A wood "stud" is used as the vertical support in wall framing, these building products are a renewable resource, they are available in a range of widths, lengths and structural capacity based on requirements for strength, height, impact resistance and sound and thermal insulation. The studs are available in widths of 7, 9, 11 and 16.5 inches, with wall heights of 96 inches. “Off the shelf” batt insulations as well as spray foams can be used in the wall cavity with achievable insulation levels exceeding R80. The SuperSTUD is the most energy efficient framing design, it is much stronger than standard wall structures available today. The thickness of the SuperSTUD makes the structure much more robust with more insulation holding capacity. The SuperSTUD also incorporates a "thermal break" which also reduces heat-loss. Using the SuperSTUD, SuperSHELL has designed a unique High Performance wall-panel system whereby the thermal break becomes a keyway, making plumbing and electrical installation easier and more efficient. With Pre-Built outside and inside corners, Pre-built Bay 45 corners and wall sections framed to National Building Code (NBC) standards starting at 2 feet wide at increments of 2 feet up to 12 foot long wall sections. The SuperPanel is fastened to NBC framing standards and top plated as per framing code. Sheathing is done after all panels are installed to allow for any necessary adjustments. Roof trusses attach to top plate as per standard framing practice. The SuperPANEL can be insulated with any Batt or Spray foams to achieve desired Insulation levels.

We have adressed the "weak spots" in a regular framed home: the headers, corners and the top and bottom plates..., homes1With pre-made corners that offer maximum insulation and draft free comfort, any insulation product on the market can be used in all our panels, making them very customizable whether using fiberglass batt, mineral-wool batt, polyurethanes, or light foams.

Steel and concrete are not renewable and carry higher embodied energy in their production than wood (larger carbon footprint). Although straw and bamboo are excellent renewable resources, wood is the only renewable, globally standardized, structural housing solution that has the capability to meet the stringent hurricane and seismic requirements. SuperSHELL is introducing the wood design that will stand up to all elements.

Sheathing attachment(s)
The SuperSTUD and SuperPANEL can accommodate all sheathing and siding options that are currently accepted practice with wood framed structures. Exterior Sheathing and nailing/fastening as per wood framed structure. High wind, Hurricane or seismic areas may require unique nailing patterns which will be indicated on your design. Interior finishes as per standard wood framed wall. Optional inlet bracing on interior for added strength as drywall support on 24 inch o.c. applications.

Through widening the stud with a furring stud the assembly has inherent added structural strength, sound absorption rating and Insulative R value, improving the structures overall performances. By adding an expanded polystyrene rigid insulation strip between the structural stud and the passive stud it reduces both convection heat loss and radiant heat loss drastically reducing the heating and cooling loads of the structure throughout all the seasons.

Structural compliance
The SuperStud and SuperPANEL both use spf stamped certified structural 2x4’s and 2x6’s, Framed according to standard accepted North American and Caribbean wood framing practices. The stud can be framed at 16 or 24 inch on center with wall heights from 8 feet(244cm) to 12 feet(366cm) with fire blocking as per standard wood framing codes dictated by your designer/architect. The SuperSTUD and SuperPANEL meet and surpass the Canadian NBC and OBC codes.

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