An Affordable Solution to Next Generation Housing!

Structural integrity begins with SuperSHELL!

Building an energy efficient home of superior quality starts with a high-performance “shell”, guaranteeing a lifetime of lower heating/cooling bills, improved noise reduction, elevating comfort levels, and minimizing home maintenance.

SuperSHELL building products will easily achieve the energy targets planned to be implemented into building code beginning in 2017 (Ontario).  Such energy targets are internationally accepted…So build your home right the first time!

SuperSHELL home packages provide double the insulation levels of the current National Building Code standard built homes, thus increasing the thermal performance of your entire home, and saving you money month to month.

SuperSHELL products are low maintenance, add fire/mold/wind/seismic resistance, aid in healthy indoor air quality, and provide an overall healthier indoor living environment.

SuperSHELL products are easy to assemble, and we will train YOUR builder.

SuperSHELL will build to any size or design.

SuperSHELL offers a retro-fit kit to help you during your renovation to turn your existing shell into a SuperSHELL!

SuperShell products are designed to exceed the standards for any build, including:

* Housing & Garages
* Light Commercial Buildings
* Co-operative Housing
* Camps & Cottages
* Lodges & Motels
* Multi-unit Complexes

Tell your Builder or Home Designer to SuperSHELL it!!!
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